Holy Cross History Conference, St. Edward's University, Austin, Texas, 2009

The Holy Cross History Association promotes and stimulates historical study of and research on those religious communities which trace their origins to Basil Moreau of LeMans, France; to discover, collect, and preserve manuscripts; to print, publish, and distribute papers, books, writings, reports, articles, and data bearing on or relating to the Congregations of Holy Cross. Toward this end the Association will hold an annual conference; to increase its membership; and to establish and maintain endowments for any of the foregoing purposes.

Holy Cross History Conference, Cleveland, Ohio, 2011

We meet at different locations in the United States with a dozen juried papers given over two days. Our quarterly newsletter Holy Cross History is an independent scholarly journal that is fully refereed by a board of scholars; it receives submissions from scholars worldwide on topics pertinent to the history of Holy Cross.

Brother Larry Stewart, CSC, Treasurer, Holy Cross History Association