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River Club
Colorado River Club

  • Do you like to travel?
  • Do you have a love for the outdoors?
  • Are you a "visual" type of learner?
  • Would you consider yourself to be "adventurous"?
  • Do you enjoy a physical challenge?
  • Are you interested in studying science amidst fascinating landforms and spectacular scenery?

During Fall and Spring Break, Holy Cross College students have the opportunity to travel throughout the colorful Southwest, exploring many of America’s most extraordinary National Parks and scenic treasures. This trip balances the adventurous yearning to get off the beaten path, experiencing the natural beauty of the West’s spectacular vistas in ways most travelers could never know; with periodic lessons in geology, helping the students understand how the panoramic landscapes came to be the way they are.

The result is, for ten days, the most impressive and unforgettable backdrops imaginable become our classrooms and our playgrounds!

All interested students in the Geology 110 course are invited to contact: Mr. Dan Cochran for more details.

"Life is not measured by how many breaths we take . . .

. . . But rather by the number of moments that take our breath away." - Anonymous